Supporting our Missionaries

Tabernacle of Hope Missions Map

Perhaps the most important thing that we can do with our money is to give it away to the work of God's Kingdom here on earth. It is in the pursuit of this Kingdom that lasting change is made, both on Earth and in Heaven, as He reveals the only real reason for living, both in time and in eternity. Our lives are made richer and more joyous for knowing Jesus Christ in this life, and those joys will only increase when we experience Him in the everlasting life.

It is to to this end that we labor, both with our money and with our service, that we might know Christ Jesus, and that He might be made known in all the world. Tabernacle of Hope is actively sponsoring these missionaries who minister in many different locales around the globe.

Irvin and Ruth Schwandt

Rehema Home — Kenya, Africa

Irvin and Ruth Schwandt

"Rehema Home (meaning: Mercy in Swahili) is dedicated to the long-term care of abandoned and orphaned children, regardless of their health status, who have no family to care for them." — from the frontpage of their website

David and Debra Kornfield

Support Ministry for Pastors and Churches — Sao Paulo, Brazil

David and Debra Kornfield

The Kornfield's mission is to clear the way for Christian ministry by providing Christ-like mentors for pastors, that every church might have healthy spiritual leadership.
— See their vision statement

Karis Kornfield

Karis, the daughter of David and Debra, has a personal blog. Her story is a most remarkable one; her life is a powerful testimony to the grace of God and the miracles that He works.