Pastor Norma's Journal of Wisdom

Who is that Woman in the Mirror?

Who is that woman in the mirror?
She is not the person I am!

I am strong and vibrant and carefree,
eternally young in my heart and soul.
Age is only a symbol of the years that have made me
the woman I am.

The world has placed the wrinkles on my brow.
The world has put a halt in my step.
The world is a cruel taskmaster who has tried to steal my youth.

But, Praise the Lord, it has failed!
The woman I am is full of life!
I soar on eagle’s wings in my soul and spirit.
I am eternally free… not bound by the reflection in the mirror.
That person cannot shackle me into something I am not.

My years are only a wellspring from which I draw the resources I
need to face that world today.
The years are a field I’ve sown where I go
to glean the fruit of its harvest.
My years are a place where I’ve stored up
a bounty of precious treasure; gems of knowledge
and wisdom that grace my life
to help, encourage, and bless others.

The years have taken their toll on that
woman in the mirror by aging her.
But aging is only a process of growth
that has equipped the woman
inside her to be free and full of life.

And when that old woman in the mirror
is still and silenced,
the woman I am will continue to live free and full

of life

— Norma Olson