Pastor Norma's Journal of Wisdom

How about 99% ?

99.9% is just not right—
It's almost 100 but just not quite..
Does God mean "some" when He says "All"?
What is your mind-set when we hear Him call?
"Yes, Lord, I will follow You... BUT
there's just some things I won't do—
Don't ask me to witness, I'm way to shy-
Let others do that while I stand by.
Go to a mission field? No, not me-
Home is where I'd rather be.
Lord, I really do want what You want for me,
But...I'm not quite ready-don't you see.
And then I think of sin's great price,
99.9% would not suffice.
No, Lord, You gave 100%—
Through Your life- "Til Your death was spent...
I make excuses for not giving my all.
But I have no excuses for when I fall.
Your crucifixion gave me all I need
to give 100% of my life- INDEED!
A surrendered life has no finish line
It's a daily surrender-all of the time.
When I settle for mediocrity
remind me, Lord, what You did for me.
100%-to give my all-
Is the least I can do to fulfill my call.
Remind me, Lord, of all You did for me,
So I will willingly give my all for Thee.


I Love You, Norma J.O.