Pastor Norma's Journal of Wisdom

Beauty and Appearance

The price of beauty…

When I think how much money I’ve spent over the years on “beauty products” it is a phenomenal amount. The thing is – it hasn’t made me beautiful! It may have enhanced my appearance but it didn’t change my true appearance.

I’ve lived long enough to see the “beautiful” movie stars and models grow old. And all the money in the world couldn’t delay the natural aging process. Face lifts and plastic surgery work for awhile, but nature takes its course. I’ve seen many “beautiful” people who are really ugly – and many who would be termed “ugly” who are actually beautiful.

True beauty comes from who you are, not what you look like. The saying “Beauty is only skin deep” is very true!

It is the beautiful bird that gets caged.

— Chinese proverb

Beauty beyond outward appearance…

God’s word says: “Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart”.

The world emphasizes how important beauty is. Advertisers hawk the wares of manufacturers of every product imaginable, declaring that product will enhance your beauty. If you only buy this “designers” clothing, this cosmetic, perfume, jewelry, car, etc. etc., then you will portray beauty. Does a $1,000 watch hanging from your arm make you beautiful?

The world likes to produce clones who all look like one another because “that’s” the look that counts.

True beauty is in none of those things.

True beauty is the grace of the inner man. Simplicity of life produces that grace.

Striving to “keep up” with the “drum beat” of the world produces frustration, stress, fear and worry.

Who sets those standards of what beautiful is? Hollywood and fashion designers, etc. This year it’s Tommy Hilfilger; last year is was “Nike” — and so on and on. Who will it be next year?

Don’t let the world decide for you! Don’t just be a “clone” of the world’s making. Develop your own beauty as a person and your own uniqueness. Live simply. Don’t try to cram yourself into the mold of the world, into a box of someone else’s design for the profit of the world.

You are a beautiful design from the hand of God. He is the One who “fashioned” you in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139). Each one of us have our own distinctive look and personality that make us uniquely different from one another.

Touch your own “little corner of the world” with that beauty and uniqueness. Make a difference just being you.

Without grace, beauty is an unbaited hook.

— French proverb

Strive for internal beauty…

The inward beauty of the graces of love and joy and peace is what really makes a difference in the world. I think of Mother Theresa; a wrinkled up, wizened up little old lady who took her beauty of love and compassion to serve the outcasts of India. She wore the beauty of service fashioned by God.

We don’t live to impress people with our outward appearance. There is a sweet fragrance that emanates from those who are at peace with themselves, God, and others!

The world doesn’t really need another “Tommy Hilfilger”, “Revlon”, or “Cartier”. What it needs is gentle, kind, caring, serving people reaching out to those around them who are wounded and hurting. In the eyes of those you touch with grace and love, you will be the most beautiful person on earth.

There are myriads of books and magazines on the “How to” list. When you buy a new car or appliance, or even clothing (just about everything) you get with it a label or pamphlet or book or manual from the manufacturer on how to care for it and get the best service and performance from that particular product. Doesn’t it make sense then to go to the manual from the manufacturer of human beings to get the best performance and service from His product?

God gave us the Bible as our manual to get the best performance and service out of what we were designed for – our purpose. It tells us how to develop those “graces” we need to function in the best capacity for which we were created; to make a difference in our world. Not by what we “look like” but by who we uniquely are!

Though we travel the world to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we will find it not.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Never overlook the importance of first impressions…

What do you want people who meet you to remember you by?

First impressions make an impact.

Do you want to be around people who look like 100% cotton that just came out of the dryer? Keep yourself well-groomed, clean and pressed.

Walk with confidence and face your world with purpose and don’t forget your smile!

When I graduated from high school (a long time ago… *smile*… in 1952) I needed a job. A friend of our family worked at American Motors in Detroit and said they were hiring.

When I went to apply and interview for a job there I put on my “Sunday best”. Why? Because I wanted to show off my clothes? NOT! But because I wanted to leave an impression that I cared about myself. If you care about yourself you will care about others and things.

Another thing I did was I took a day off of school about 3 weeks before graduation to go and apply for the job. I wanted to “beat the crowd” to the door.

After I filled out my application they sent me right upstairs for an interview for a secretarial position that was open.

The first comment my future boss made to me was that he was very impressed by my resourcefulness in seeking a job by “getting ahead of the pack”. (I am sure that he was also impressed with the fact that I didn’t appear in jeans and a sweatshirt). And I put my smile on too.

I also went with confidence before him because I knew I had trained well for that position. I did get the job and I believe it was because I made a good impression from the start.

My ability to perform didn’t initially land me the job… it kept my job after I got it. It was the impression I made on him initially that made him proceed further with his investigation of me as a potential employee.

Keeping your clothes well pressed will keep you from looking hard pressed.

— Coleman Cox


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