Pastor Norma's Journal of Wisdom

Love Is…

Love is giving to other’s basic needs without having personal reward as my motive.

Love is the abundance of the riches of His grace and mercy deposited in my heart throught the Holy Spirit.

Love is the prerequisite of all my actions and attitudes and my entire way of life.

Fruits of Love

Patience is love waiting, hoping, suffering, and never giving up. Patience doesn’t give anyone a time frame in which to work or meet my expectations.

Kindness is love caring and is full of empathy. It is love giving, not only when it is convenient or when it doesn’t cost anything. Love always has a price and is always “on call”. It sees the best in everyone and is not critical nor judgmental. Love makes its judgments when all the facts are in and uses them as the means of specifically praying for the person involved. Love is loyal and uses adversity to confirm my commitment to let love abound to the people in my life.

Unselfishness is love giving up what it wants or desires for the sake of others. It thinks of another before thinking of myself. Love sets boundaries on my freedom in order not to offend others.

Humility is love bowing down. It is seeing in others what is lacking in myself. It is being aware that there is something better in each person I meet than in myself. It is recognizing that others have had a large part in the success and achievements in my life. It is blessed when others prosper and succeed, achieve, and excel. It is pleased with other’s accomplishments and when they win and take the prize.

Joy is love rejoicing. Joy is love’s strength. Love’s joy is enthusiasm for and encouragement to those who have not yet “arrived” and yet are still “hanging in there” and trying.

Peace is love resting. It isn’t anxious, fearful, or doubtful. It doesn’t fret or worry, but it is calm and confidently sure and serene in all circumstances. Love is not discouraged, disagreeable, disheartened, depressed, or defeated. Love submits my care into the hands of the Lord and goes about my business confident that He will keep everything I have committed unto Him and will perform what He has promised.

Self-Control is love “in charge”. It doesn’t jump to conclusions nor fly off the handle. It is not quick to speak, but rather waits on the Lord for His insight and discernment. Love sees things from God’s frame of reference so I don’t have to “act now”.

Faith is love trusting. It is not just “believing” but it surrenders everything into the loving hands of the Father. Love relinquishes all rights, desires, and expectations to the One who “doeth all things well”, and whose “thoughts of me are only good and not evil to bring me to an expected end, a future and a hope”. Love has confidence in the Lord and knows that He is faithful to His word. Love sees a ray of Son-shine in even the darkest cloud.

Endurance is love standing when everything else is falling down and crumbling around it. It never gives up. It hopes in all things for it is founded upon the Rock who upholds all things by His power.

Forgiveness is love healing. It is an extension of the mercy, grace, and forgiveness of God in my life to others. It allows God to use the offenses of others to develop His character in me. Love forgives the undeserving, the habitual offender, the persecutor, the false witness, and the judgmental and critical. Love knows that truth will prevail and that the Righteous Judge will bring darkness to light.

Effects of Love

Love is placed on the scale and never found wanting.

Love brings balance to the issues of life.

Love endures when all else fails.

Love gives true meaning to my existence and enables me to live a sanctified life before God and man.

Love exposes hypocrisy and purifies my motives and actions. It is sincere and honest.

Love is the beacon on the path of life that takes me from glory to glory.

Love brings praise and honor to the Lord and increases the Kingdom of God.

Love demonstrates His will on earth as it is in Heaven.

Love is truly the only answer to all that ails me and my world.

Love produces a servant’s heart. A servant’s heart becomes excited about making someone else successful.



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