Pastor Norma's Journal of Wisdom

The Way of the Cross

October 22, 2009 – Very early in the morning . . .

I flitted down the corridor of life,
Tired, discouraged with toil and strife....
Tears flowed freely as I made my way,
Just wanting the pain to be taken away.
Disillusioned with what I saw
in people around feelings were raw.
Fed up with masks and hypocrisy,
People satisfied with mediocrity.
An open door bid me come inside
a sign in letters bold read “Pride”.
I entered the room at a very slow pace,
mirrors surrounded the empty space.
No one else was in the room,
just me....disheveled, in sadness and gloom.
I looked in the mirrors – “This couldn’t be me...
I’m cocky and sure, kind and good as can be.”
Reality hit me right in the face ...
The very real me was full of disgrace.
I fled from the room in total despair,
I wanted no one to see me in there.
I plodded along confused, disconnected,
Just wanting to be fully accepted.
Another door suddenly appeared on the right,
Happiness was written there in plain sight.
Excitement inspired me to go through the door,
That’s what I wanted more and more.
An array of boxes all sizes and shapes,
Offering me many ways of escape.
They were wrapped in glitter and gold
I approached each package .. confident and bold.
The one labeled “MONEY” beckoned me first,
Surely this one would quench that thirst..
I expectantly opened it, hoping to see
Bills and coins in front of me.
To my amazement it was filled with coal;
This surely wouldn’t help me meet my goal.
I ran to the next box anxious to see ...
This one was labeled “SECURITY”.
I tore open the wrappings – it was filled with sand,
Sifting through my fingers and through my hand.
Disappointed I turned to the next one in there,
The label read “POWER”....and a warning “beware”
Hesitantly I opened it...anxious to grasp...
but the contents were fragments of broken glass.
Surely the last one would meet my need...
It’s label read “PLEASURE” pleasure indeed.
Finally I found what I was looking for...
fun and excitement and friends galore.
But once again I was angry and hurt...
The only thing in there was filthy, black dirt.
Disillusioned, discouraged, with a heavy load,
I left the building and discovered a road.
It was rutted and rocky, and very steep
The best I could do was stumble and creep.
As I came to the top of the hill – surprise -
An ol’ rugged cross stood before my eyes.
A voice from heaven was calling to me...
You must take up this cross to really be free.
I cringed at the thought – how could this be true?
It was rugged and splintered through and through.
What choice did I have as I thought of the road
I’d traveled – lonely and burdened with a heavy load.
It’s better to die – the thought came to me ...
than to live on in horrible misery.
So I took the cross ... to follow the voice ...
And I soon realized this was the best choice...
The burden grew lighter, the tears soon subsided...
I was feeling exhilarated – excited...
The way of the cross is safe and secure,
For all of my burdens it holds the cure.
For the One who bore the cross alone
Has now ascended to the throne.
He’s loving & caring and praying for me
As I carry the cross I have victory.
Thank You, Father, for all that You’ve done,
Through Jesus, Your own beloved Son.
Hearing His voice and answering His call
Was really the greatest choice after all!


Matthew 16:24-27; Mark 8:34-38; 10:21-22